Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Demon, Soulherder

Soon to be part of Monsters of Porphyra ll for Pathfinder
This is one among many creatures that i did for the game.
More soon.

Thursday, February 26, 2015

Character sketch

Here's an unused and incomplete character concept for a video game publisher.

Saturday, February 21, 2015


Here are some early creature sketches and thumbnails for an RPG publisher. Just had a few hours to develop each character, so it had to be quick.

Thursday, February 19, 2015

Rangers of Porphyra

Had fun doing this really simple illustration ( about 2 hrs )
Need to try more of these simple stuff.

My humble beginnings!

It's throwback Thursday and look what i found!
These go way back to 2007. Done for Grey World Bangalore and 3M.
I personally like these because i was making baby step in Photoshop and slowly transitioning from traditional to digital art, but it wasn't until 2010 when i decided to pursue concept art and 2012 when i got my first digital tablet.

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

More line work!

Will post the coloured versions soon.

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Creature Sketch 6

A quick rough sketch for today.


What started off as light bantering and frivolous remarks turned into a sobering discussion about what really constitutes ‘love’ and if there really is such a thing as ‘Unconditional love’?! A friend in particular (among many others) said, she didn’t believe there is such a thing as ‘Unconditional love’, because, to her, it entails certain ramifications in an interpersonal relationship, that it isn’t pragmatic, therefore didn’t make logical sense. What surprised me though was that she wasn’t referring to romantic love (or Eros in Greek), as I suspected, but about loving her own child! (or Storge as it is known in Greek) Ironically, just this morning, I read an article in the newspaper about what certain prominent authors at a major literature fest thought love is. One said, ‘It is a journey and means different things at various stages in our lives’. Another said, ‘It’s a means to an end’ and yet another said, ‘It is all about rediscovery and the self’.  Some pretty interesting answers from renowned women, some who have been married for 18 years of their lives. Although they were talking about romantic love they all agreed that love is the most rudimentary human need of all, and consented that it is diminishing in 21 century man’s lives. Reminds me of the song, ‘Where is the love’ by the Black Eyed Peas!  Anyways, is it any wonder that even the most brilliant minds are baffled at the mystery that is love and the most articulate attempt in vain to adequately define it with words that lack any depth or meaning?  

People unfortunately misconstrue real Love with the illusory experience of ‘falling in love’ or Cathexis, a temporary ecstatic phenomenon fostered by pop culture, and thanks to our postmodern philosophical perspective of life, we are compelled to resort to relativistic notions and subjective experience to comprehend this mystery. Today we can’t think of love apart from sensuality, as a distinct and separate phenomenon from sexuality, hence we end up perpetually longing for that orgasmic experience from one relationship to another! Having regressed mentally instead of evolving spiritually, is it any surprise that such a wonderful experience eludes us? Listen to what Dr M.Scott Peck had to say about this mysterious phenomenon.

 “I do not think questions about theses aspects ( Love ) will be answered by sociobiology. Ordinary psychology with its knowledge of ego boundaries may be of little help …The people who know most about such things are those among the religious who are students of Mystery. It is to them and to the subject of religion that we must turn if we are to obtain even glimmerings of insight into these matters.”  

It was Interesting to hear a prominent Vedic scholar say that the only texts where love is defined in non-abstract terms is the Judeo-Christian world view! Judeo-Christian theologians refer to love not so much as a thing but a person! Sure, others may talk about God as being loving, but the notion that ‘God is Love’ is rightly exclusive to the Judeo-Christian world view (note- it is not extrinsic or contingent to his nature, but His very essence). Any surprise why we flounder to define the infinite in finite terms?  Unfortunately there is only one word for love in the English language, but even that word has lost its meaning to our zeitgeist. The Greeks were more intelligent and employed four words to categorize and define love. C.S. Lewis in ‘The Four Loves’ expound these Greek terms, namely Agape, Storge, Philia and Eros in depth. So, Unconditional Love (or Agape) far from being subjective is foremost an objective experience, “a conscious choice to act volitionally regardless of one’s own feelings with the recipient’s best interest at heart”. The recipients lack thereof to reciprocate doesn't in anyway undermine your choice to a willfully act out of grace. You can still ‘love’ the person without ‘liking’ or even knowing the person for that matter! The closest analogy to Agape would be ‘Storge’ or Parental love, where a parent loves their child irrespective of any personal dividends whatsoever! I was kind of surprised that the concept of Agape was new to everyone in the discussion! Another childhood friend among others vehemently disagreed. She said, she still believed in that one ideal person meant for her. Sadly, I must say,  I’m not surprised my dear friend is still waiting for that bus to arrive after all these decades even though she is one of the prettiest girls I know!  The only assured way of finding love is to be a person worthy of love and that takes effort. Again, far from being subjective or effortless, Love is truly a spiritual experience above all. Without nurturing, evolving or expanding the self and the object of our affection it would lack the real depth and measure that is meant to be experienced. 

I personally like what renowned philosopher Dr Ravi Zacharias said, 'I dare anyone to define Storge, Philia, Eros and still hold value and dignity for an individual and relationships without first defining Agape'.  

Monday, January 26, 2015

Riot Games contest 2014

Here's the full image from the Riot Games contest 2014. I initially gave up on the contest due to prior deadlines, but decided not to throw in the towel and finish it with just 2 weeks to the deadline. I'm glad i didn't give in. Learned a ton and had a blast with this image. Although i'm not expecting to win, wish me luck!  Also, hit the ground running with 2015, and can't wait to show you what i've been working on!

Sunday, January 11, 2015

Rengar - League of Legends

Here's Rengar from the Riot Games contest 2014. 
To be honest the least of my favourites from my submission...still love the character though!

Thursday, January 8, 2015

Wisdom cries out, listen!

How long will we simple ones love simplicity?
'All men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain inalienable rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of happiness', say's who? A gift from the Judeo-Christian world view and not of the state or any other counter perspective world view!

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Love conquers all

In light of the recent incident in Paris, I’d like to ask, is God really impotent that He can’t judge for Himself or defend His people? 'Vengeance is mine', He says, and elsewhere, ‘He that persecutes you pokes my very eyes’ and He will bring all men to judgment! Having said that, and although i vehemently condemn the atrocious killings, i wouldn't hesitate to say Charlie Hebdo only reaped what they sowed and incurred this upon themselves! Freedom of expression they say, but weren't the killers only expressing themselves? Why is one form of expression exculpated and the other excoriated? There is a fine line between freedom of speech and being graphically provocative, and Charlie Hebdo should have known better where to 'draw the line' so to speak! What is the chief end of our right to freedom of expression, if not to engage in dialogue, to expand the mind and our capacity for mutual growth and the development of humanity? I believe one can be thought provoking in a dignified way, without demeaning any individual’s personal dignity and worth or being contemptuous to any community’s beliefs. Unfortunately this was not descriptive of Charlie Hebdo’s valueless ethos and they got a taste of their own bitter medicine! Freedom of expression doesn’t entail sovereignty. They were both abusing their power, one the media’s and the other ammunitions! To me they both possess the same spiteful attitude, but vented it through different avenues. This is the dilemma with moral relativism, which has serious ramifications once put to the litmus test of existential realities, and why we need a moral standard that transcends two differing individual ideologies. In God's eyes they both stand equally condemned. To Him it’s not just the act of killing, but the murderous attitudes of the heart that equally matters. The predicament is not in what we believe, but in what we are! To theists i'd say you need to question your faith more often, to atheists who blame religion i'd say, you have no real objective moral grounds to condemn this, at best it's only a socially unacceptable behavior and not necessarily evil! Lastly people need to stop honoring these godless men from both end of the spectrum and clearly define and understand what freedom of expression really means. 

No one says it better than Jesus, ‘to love your enemies, bless those who curse you, and pray for those who persecute you’. 

Love conquers all!

Friday, January 2, 2015

Graves - League of Legends

Here's the cropped close up of Graves from my entry for the Riot Games contest 2014

Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Ahri color!

With only a week and a half for the deadline, i drew this in a day ( excluding the background ). I guess it ain't bad for a day's work! This is also part of a much larger image. Will post it here soon.

Ahri Line art

For the League of legends contest. Kinda like this pose because i drew it without thumbnailing it!
 Will post the coloured image soon.

Thursday, November 13, 2014

Trick or Treat!

Jehushtan - It is finished

People now think I’m a Satanist masquerading as a Christian after this! It never ceases to amaze me how quick to judge and ignorant some people can be. They neither know what they believe or understand the simple doctrines of Soteiriology and Hamartialogy on which this concept is based. It also goes without saying that this is a personal portrayal of the doctrines.  

I personally don’t give a hoot if people celebrate Halloween on a superficial level or not, whether they consider its origins to be an innocuous holiday such as ‘All Saints Day’ celebrated by Catholics or even think it’s rooted in ancient Druidic occult rituals. For that matter, most religious traditions can be traced back to paganism, yes, including X-mas! But what I am really interested in is the original concept and true significance of this ritual of ‘Ransom’ and ‘Atonement’ that the Druid priest tampered with! Would it startle you to know it goes all the way back to biblical times, God himself being the brainchild behind it! I was, when I realized that the Old Testament festival of the Passover & the Crucifixion has similar implications to the occult ritual of Voodoo and the likes! I would even dare to say that the Crucifixion is the true archetype and everything else is just a cheap imitation of it!

Anyways, in ancient Israel, as part of the ritual to atone for sin, they were commanded to lay hands & confess their sins over an innocent lamb for e.g, by which their sins were transferred to it and was killed in their place. By this their sins were directly dealt with while the sinner was spared (also known as Substitutionary Atonement). While they did this as an act of faith (i.e. they didn’t fully comprehend the extent of the phenomenon) in the redemption that would be fulfilled in Christ’s death 2000 years later (which was also prophesied in Isaiah 53 about 800 years before the actual historical event), we, today, do this by faith in retrograde, but it is by the mysterious act of God’s execution that redemption and righteousness it is imputed to us and we stand justified before Him! It’s baffling that even today to some degree people don’t really understand that he ALSO died as our ‘representative’. That is to say when he died, we who believe also died with Him through baptism (not the ritual, but the actual metaphysical union), and when He was raised we were also raised as kings and priest to newness and life!  I also find this phenomenon of faith very similar to my past experiences of astral projection, where by one can project himself to a place by just thinking of the person or place like Beaverton, SF for e.g! I talked at length elsewhere about dabbling in the occult and the madness that ensued, which later brought me to the end of myself. Fortunately for me, I fell dead in the arm of life Himself.  So I won’t recount it here again. Blessed are those who know me personally! :)

More on that later, but what I want to point you to (and substantiate what this image is all about) is that on a tertiary level, Sin and Satan was molested and raped on the cross in His flesh through death!! The scrolls say, that He (Yeshuah) not only offered Himself up as an ‘offering’ and ‘sacrifice’ for us to God, but also, He who knew no sin was MADE sin…and God condemned sin in His flesh, nailing it to the cross forever, making a public spectacle after having disarmed principalities and power on high, therefore rendering these entities powerless over us. While not fully comprehending prophesies and the depth of God’s wisdom, Satan actually thought for a moment that he had really annihilated God not realizing it was his own undoing, so much so that i hear he demands human sacrifice every Halloween and on various other occasions! (That should explains, to some degree, why prophesies are ambiguous and sometimes hard to understand). This is also partly why the great I AM who was eternal had to be made flesh and partake of mortality. In doing so He not only became the propitiation for man’s short comings, but also judged all that embodied Sin and destroyed Satan’s work by crucifying it to the cross and still remains God!  

So, there you have it. Looks like Satan got tricked and God got his treat! 
Oh, belated Halloween greetings to you all!

Friday, October 31, 2014

Here's a crop from one of many wip

What the heckthought i'd drop this anyway and tease you'll a little!

More rants!

It seems my fellow theist friends have lost their collective minds and cognitive capacity to reason by responding with vehemently pious retorts and bible bashing to the Pope’s recent statements about the evolution theory and the origin of life being true and that God is not a magician! Here’s what he said, 

" When we read about Creation in Genesis, we run the risk of imagining God was a magician, with a magic wand able to do everything. But that is not so," He further explained that both scientific theories were not incompatible with the existence of a creator - arguing instead that they "require it".

They argue that the Big Bang theory and the evidence for the origin of life is incompatible with biblical sentiments, so it has to be incorrect! I for one am not content with zealous retorts because it lacks inductive reasoning and logical extrapolation. That is why i think zeal without knowledge is fanaticism and not faith. Folks don't realize that biblical faith is not without reason, but goes beyond reasoning yet does not lack objectivity. Seems to me those most perturbed by the issue are the young earth theorists and the naively zealous believer who know little about biblical hermeneutics and the subject at large. Unfortunately, atheist have misconstrued theistic apologetics and our stance on the issue and are having a field day with this! Even though I’m not catholic or recognize the Pope as the head of the Ecclesia, I don’t think what he said is inconsistent with biblical exegesis of the creation account! So, here’s what we have believed all along, I’ll try and keep it simple.

Just so you know, not every theist lean toward the young earth theory, but actually believe the universe is indeed 13.7 billion years old, like yours truly! For the believer the problem seems to arise from a deficient understanding of ancient Hebrew literature and the inadequacy of the English translation, particularly words such as ‘Create’ and ‘Day’ in the biblical narrative. It says the earth was created ( ‘Asah’ i.e made from something not ‘Bara’ i.e to create ex-nihilo which is used in reference to the creation of the universe in the verse before the earth was in Genesis 1:1) and the word Day (‘Yom’- Which literally refers to all three i.e  daylight or morning,  a 24 hour day and also an indefinitely period of time), therefore because of the English translation they infer a literal 6 day period and deduce that the earth is 6000 years old, even despite the bible being mute when it comes to quantifying the geological age of the earth! But there’s more to this, when it says that God created (Asah) the earth in 6 days and that He rested on the 7th day (meaning stopped creating from that day onward), from the Book of Hebrews we are told that He is still under that resting period, meaning we are still only on the 7thday even as I write this and not 6000 years into the future! Hence the narrative is not talking about a literal 24 hour day, but an indefinite period of time. Problem is with folks taking the text literally when they should actually be reading it contextually! To digress from the topic a bit at this point, the word ‘Asah’ also implies the restoration of the earth from a catastrophic event - Genesis 1:2. It would be interesting to note that it only mentions the restoration of the earth and not our neighbouring planets like Mars or Venus etc (that probably explains why they are still void today!). This also indicates the existence of a pre Adamic race and the hypothesis of an antediluvian civilization, under Lucifer’s reign on earth, which can be substantiated from the Books of Ezekiel and Isaiah!  Well I’m not going to dwell inductively on the exegesis, but to bring you back to the subject.

I would like to explain what we deduce from the scientific evidence for the creation of the cosmos. To dumb it down, the scientific evidence for the origin of the universe, as you probably know, is based on The Big Bang Theory or Expansion theory that the universe on average is on a cosmic expansion. Evidence based on the 2nd law of thermodynamics and successive scientific discoveries by Einstein, Alexander Friedman, Georges Lemaitre, Edwin Hubble and The Borde-Guth-Velinkin theorem-2003 finally settled the argument and proves that the universe was not always infinite in the past, but had an absolute beginning (contrary to claims made by eminent atheists like Bertrand Russell, Carl Sagan who said that, ‘the universe is all that there is, ever was or ever will be’).  So, scientifically, whatever begins to exist must have a cause - extrinsic to it. Since science concedes its ‘virgin birth theory’ or that the universe cannot exist ex nihilo, and since time and space also came into existence at a finite point in time. It is therefore plausible, based on the Kalam Cosmological argument to posit that the evidence for the transcendent cause of the universe (which is outside time, space and matter itself) must fit certain properties that must make it an immaterial, eternal, infinitely intelligent and an uncaused entity who, it just so happen, we believe to be God!  So the Pope is right in that the Big Bang theory and the origin of our universe is consistent with biblical beliefs! As for the confusion about God not being a magician, I guess folk were piqued because they misconstrued it for God’s impotency to conceive something this magnificient! By that the Pope probably points to the Teleological evidence for God creating the universe, and that it is not like atheistic claims that the universe is result of a random, mindless, unguided process of time plus matter plus chance, but a world which has meaning, purpose and therefore eternal worth.  

I love science and don’t think it as incompatible with faith! I'm upset my friends line of reasoning infringes on the ad hominem approach and fail to understand that we are not interpreting the bible in light of modern science, but integrating biblical evidences with scientific evidences to gain a synoptic understand of the world. So my word to religious folks please be open to critical reasoning & objective biblical hermeneutics. Psychiatrists call this discipline ‘Bracketing’ because a lack of it only stunts ones capacity to think and grow beyond one’s self!

Anyways, enough of the rant, more art in a day or two!

Friday, October 17, 2014

Women are from Venus, Men are from Women!

Oh boy, did that status offend some girley hurley friends of mine…fortunately some girls love my quirky sense of humor!

Tired of seeing those news feeds and rants on sexism, it’s getting quite redundant, so just putting things in perspective there! 

Don’t get me wrong, even though I don’t subscribe to mainstream feminism, I am for women finding fulfillment, meaning and purpose in life. To be emancipated and treated with dignity being the tender sex! We live in a broken world and people are hurting, especially woman, but this movement’s quest for self worth and shallow spirituality is leading many to extremes, to the point where even men have lost their identity and have become emasculated! Our differences compliment each other. We are only superficially different, but fundamentally the same not vice versa. It's sad to see people arguing about the toilet seat up when girls on the other side would be really thankful to have a one in the first place! Anyways if you really feel the need to stand up for this cause, please listen to older, wiser and more respectable women who have substance and no personal agenda. 

Anyways, this video is for those ‘social media activist’ whose concern for Women begin and end with FB and Video games…there’s more to the issue than your virtually real world of FB and video games you know!

PS - Does that mean i am going to stop drawing sexy, nude, voluptuous women from now on?


Tuesday, October 14, 2014


Always wanted to try something indigenous to my native state of Kerala, India!
So i thought i'd play with the famous South Indian Folklore dance of Kathakali 
You can read more about it here 
-Sorry for the repost. Some issue with saturation! 
BTW why are people complaining she's quite sexy for an indigenous folklore character? 
Not my fault our girls are more hairy than sexy!-

Inks to another rough thumbnail

 This is part of a series of detailed pencil sketches i'm working on for an exhibition.
Like how the thumbnail itself turned out, so i thought i'd ink it.
Regret doodling this to the corner of my sketchbook.

Friday, October 10, 2014

Random sketch

Feels good to sketch again after a couple of months, keep getting caught up between my 1st love and art. Sometimes i really wish i hadn't taken up art as a career! Anyways, not sure why the 1st piece freaked a lot of people over at facebook! Maybe i need help, surprisingly some of the ladies seem to think it's cool & can't wait to see more! Or just maybe, they need help too! 

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Blood Magyk - I'll kill you and your dreams tonight

Since some of you asked for an update. 
So, here's the thing, half way through Photoshop crashed and the layer file got corrupted, now all i'm left with is this flat jpeg! For some reason i feel nonchalant even though i can't retrieve the file, but i'll finish it somehow. Also, hope the title doesn't freak you out, cos recently a friend said that she thought, 'i was very fearful to know in person'. Honestly, that really hurt. I'm used to being told that i am eccentric, even charming, but never fearful! Anyways, hope you like this cropped version.

Monday, September 15, 2014

So, some people have been tagging me on this controversy of late with the Spider-Woman cover art. Hmm. Objective moral standards for a subjective moral issue! On what absolute moral grounds? Anyways, here's my stance on the issue (just what i've been reasoning all along). Seriously, what baffles me is that these low life social activist have no qualms wearing a bikini in public, brandishing the contours of thier tits and vagina's in our faces, but have a personal issue with a piece of art? Since when did you become the standard for all woman? So, let me be and please get a life, BIATCH!
I still love you!

Monday, August 18, 2014

Just a heads up.

If any of you will be heading to BlizzCon come November, you can get a chance to win prints of my illustration 'Pandaren- The Mists of Pandaria'! Make sure to drop by at the Fan Art exhibit event by Mr. Robot. http://blog.askmrrobot.com/2014/06/blizzcon-business-in-the-front-party-in-the-back/
Really flattered to know many people think this is one of the best Pandaren art out there!
Many thanks to my dear friend, Vee!