Thursday, April 23, 2015

More details and a few thoughts!

I don’t get the same pleasure from drawing digitally as I do traditionally and, quite honestly, I’d give up digital art for tradition any day! The thing that annoys me about digital is, i see so many people posting so called 'studies' and whatnot, which has quite obviously been digitally traced form juxtaposed photographs, unbeknownst to the unsuspecting, almost oblivious to the fact that not everyone is so na├»ve! It’s innocuous when amateurs do it, but professionals…seriously!? I remember accosting a dear friend who went to the extent of outrightly plagiarizing a sketch (it wasn’t even traced) to a Facebook group, clamoring for attention! It’s understandable when situations call for it and one is honest about it, but trying to garner attention to oneself rather than the art makes me personally wary of such people and groups. In doing so you give away a lot more about your true self than you bargained for. I know I sound harsh and may come across as self-righteous,  it’s just that I’ve been noticing this trend in my circle and won’t flinch to make no bones about it. So, be true to yourself , do art for art sake and you’ll see how much people ‘like‘ you for who you really are. Remember, ‘we are not our gifts’. Love you!

Monday, April 20, 2015


Here's the initial line work on The Hulk commission 
The finished work looks very different from this.

Saturday, April 18, 2015

Full view

Here's the full view of the previous crop 'Blood Magyk - I'll kill you and your dreams tonight' (still in progress). Whose title also threw people into swivets, running for cover, questioning my sanity...Yep.  Guess i really am as fearful as i am someone commented! Was working on the hands before i lost the file to a crash ( i always save the hands for the last). This version is without the mangled flesh dangling from his right arm....the finished version soon.

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

New sketch in progress

Quick lines to another alien race character in progress.
Really feels good to be pencilling again. 

Friday, April 10, 2015

Male Wizard

Here's the finished sketch of a male wizard for a new race. 
Really like the comments i got on the sketch. Hope the colours turn out well too!

Wednesday, April 8, 2015


This is turning out to be a favourite with everyone, especially the ladies.
I guess it isn't bad for a few hours job.
Hope you like this too!

Thursday, April 2, 2015

Hulk thumbnails

Here are some thumbnails for a Hulk commission.
Can't wait to show you the series of Marvel characters i am working on.
Hope you like these!

Cover illustration for Lamp Post Inc

It's Throwback Thursday, so here's something i don't think i've ever shared before! 
This goes way back to 2010 when i was still learning to draw and struggling with Photoshop...

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Warming up!

Need to loosen my wrist before some detailed pencil work, 
so i decided rev it up with a quick sketch.

Friday, March 6, 2015

My art featured at an event for Blizzcon 2014

Here are some pics, as promised a while ago, featuring my art and many more at an event held by Ask Mr Robot for Blizzcon 2014. Really flattered to hear fans say my work 'The Mist of Pandaria' is one of the best there is! Many thanks to Vee from Ask Mr Robot for featuring my work.

The art display

The awesome crowd

And the lucky winner!

Thursday, March 5, 2015

New work in progress

Dr John Lennox - Has science buried God?

Although dabbling in the occult has been instrumental in shaping my belief in the metaphysical, it is not the reason i am a theist. Faith and science complement each other and the real conflict is not between God and science, but between two different world views. Not every statement made by scientists are statements of science and rubbish uttered by the most brilliant scientific minds still remain rubbish! If you haven't heard of Dr John Lennox, a scientist himself, you can view his debates with Richard Dawkins, Peter Atkins, Michael Shermer, lawrence Krauss etc on youtube.

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Demon, Soulherder

Soon to be part of Monsters of Porphyra ll for Pathfinder
This is one among many creatures that i did for the game.
More soon.

Thursday, February 26, 2015

Character sketch

Here's an unused and incomplete character concept for a video game publisher.

Saturday, February 21, 2015


Here are some early creature sketches and thumbnails for an RPG publisher. Just had a few hours to develop each character, so it had to be quick.

Thursday, February 19, 2015

Rangers of Porphyra

Had fun doing this really simple illustration ( about 2 hrs )
Need to try more of these simple stuff.

My humble beginnings!

It's throwback Thursday and look what i found!
These go way back to 2007. Done for Grey World Bangalore and 3M.
I personally like these because i was making baby step in Photoshop and slowly transitioning from traditional to digital art, but it wasn't until 2010 when i decided to pursue concept art and 2012 when i got my first digital tablet.

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

More line work!

Will post the coloured versions soon.

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Creature Sketch 6

A quick rough sketch for today.


What started off as light bantering and frivolous remarks turned into a sobering discussion about what really constitutes ‘love’ and if there really is such a thing as ‘Unconditional love’?! A friend in particular (among many others) said, she didn’t believe there is such a thing as ‘Unconditional love’, because, to her, it entails certain ramifications in an interpersonal relationship, that it isn’t pragmatic, therefore didn’t make logical sense. What surprised me though was that she wasn’t referring to romantic love (or Eros in Greek), as I suspected, but about loving her own child! (or Storge as it is known in Greek) Ironically, just this morning, I read an article in the newspaper about what certain prominent authors at a major literature fest thought love is. One said, ‘It is a journey and means different things at various stages in our lives’. Another said, ‘It’s a means to an end’ and yet another said, ‘It is all about rediscovery and the self’.  Some pretty interesting answers from renowned women, some who have been married for 18 years of their lives. Although they were talking about romantic love they all agreed that love is the most rudimentary human need of all, and consented that it is diminishing in 21 century man’s lives. Reminds me of the song, ‘Where is the love’ by the Black Eyed Peas!  Anyways, is it any wonder that even the most brilliant minds are baffled at the mystery that is love and the most articulate attempt in vain to adequately define it with words that lack any depth or meaning?  

People unfortunately misconstrue real Love with the illusory experience of ‘falling in love’ or Cathexis, a temporary ecstatic phenomenon fostered by pop culture, and thanks to our postmodern philosophical perspective of life, we are compelled to resort to relativistic notions and subjective experience to comprehend this mystery. Today we can’t think of love apart from sensuality, as a distinct and separate phenomenon from sexuality, hence we end up perpetually longing for that orgasmic experience from one relationship to another! Having regressed mentally instead of evolving spiritually, is it any surprise that such a wonderful experience eludes us? Listen to what Dr M.Scott Peck had to say about this mysterious phenomenon.

 “I do not think questions about theses aspects ( Love ) will be answered by sociobiology. Ordinary psychology with its knowledge of ego boundaries may be of little help …The people who know most about such things are those among the religious who are students of Mystery. It is to them and to the subject of religion that we must turn if we are to obtain even glimmerings of insight into these matters.”  

It was Interesting to hear a prominent Vedic scholar say that the only texts where love is defined in non-abstract terms is the Judeo-Christian world view! Judeo-Christian theologians refer to love not so much as a thing but a person! Sure, others may talk about God as being loving, but the notion that ‘God is Love’ is rightly exclusive to the Judeo-Christian world view (note- it is not extrinsic or contingent to his nature, but His very essence). Any surprise why we flounder to define the infinite in finite terms?  Unfortunately there is only one word for love in the English language, but even that word has lost its meaning to our zeitgeist. The Greeks were more intelligent and employed four words to categorize and define love. C.S. Lewis in ‘The Four Loves’ expound these Greek terms, namely Agape, Storge, Philia and Eros in depth. So, Unconditional Love (or Agape) far from being subjective is foremost an objective experience, “a conscious choice to act volitionally regardless of one’s own feelings with the recipient’s best interest at heart”. The recipients lack thereof to reciprocate doesn't in anyway undermine your choice to a willfully act out of grace. You can still ‘love’ the person without ‘liking’ or even knowing the person for that matter! The closest analogy to Agape would be ‘Storge’ or Parental love, where a parent loves their child irrespective of any personal dividends whatsoever! I was kind of surprised that the concept of Agape was new to everyone in the discussion! Another childhood friend among others vehemently disagreed. She said, she still believed in that one ideal person meant for her. Sadly, I must say,  I’m not surprised my dear friend is still waiting for that bus to arrive after all these decades even though she is one of the prettiest girls I know!  The only assured way of finding love is to be a person worthy of love and that takes effort. Again, far from being subjective or effortless, Love is truly a spiritual experience above all. Without nurturing, evolving or expanding the self and the object of our affection it would lack the real depth and measure that is meant to be experienced. 

I personally like what renowned philosopher Dr Ravi Zacharias said, 'I dare anyone to define Storge, Philia, Eros and still hold value and dignity for an individual and relationships without first defining Agape'.  

Monday, January 26, 2015

Riot Games contest 2014

Here's the full image from the Riot Games contest 2014. I initially gave up on the contest due to prior deadlines, but decided not to throw in the towel and finish it with just 2 weeks to the deadline. I'm glad i didn't give in. Learned a ton and had a blast with this image. Although i'm not expecting to win, wish me luck!  Also, hit the ground running with 2015, and can't wait to show you what i've been working on!